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Yugioh- Curse of the Dragon God
Yugioh- Curse of the Dragon God

The Knight Minathera, some say she was the last of a great line of warriors that descended from the Dragon God Asathok..
She was one of the Divine Seven also known as Asathok's chosen Immortal General's. It is said all of the generals represented a piece of Asathok's immortal self....
At first this worked out good each general obeying all of Asathok's commands and So over time Asathok created the aspect of free will. With time his generals began to cater to their own desires 3 of them desiring to destroy and four of them desiring peace. This caused a great many wars and turmoil on the earth. Asathok enjoyed the mayhem at first but when the wars would not to cease to stop Asathok had no choice but to sacrifice himself to ensure that human civilization would flourish as it had before he was there. So as he sealed himself away he also sealed away his followers and the knights. He sealed them far away into the future. Where he thought humans would never find him or his followers. Then mankind prospered for 2000 years until one of the divine knight Minathera broke free and entered the mind of Pegasus the creator of a card game named Yu-GI-OH.

MInathera had Pegasus create her and the fellow knights. She said not to widely circulate these cards but to give them out to only the chosen. she said Pegasus would know who to give them to when the time was right and so over time Pegasus handed out the cards but little MInathera know Pegasus had also been in contact with Asathok and Pegasus had made the ultimate card. Just about the time Pegasus was ready to display the card he had made it disappered and Pegasus died of a heart attack.
It wasn't until fifty years later though as Pegasus's Death would fade to the history book's that strange events began to occur... The chosen vanished along with thier cards although they were never known. the police were as astonished as their freinds and family.... No foul play was expected though.... The disapperance of the cards though was broadcast on television.. and a huge reward was offered by the family's that they belonged to.... this caused a wide search but none were found so the reward was disbanded... and the cards became considered myth. Then only then would the cards appear to pack of duelists, who were to be the chosen ones. What would be their destiny of the chosen? That remains to be seen.

Requirements to start:
Seven Different Duelists using the knights:
Avalible Spots : 3 Villian 4 Heroes
Note: You can have more than one character ( I would prefer only two characters to a person but I am flexible feel free to p.m. me if you want to add a character.)
Note: The Knights Represent different personalities or elements/ creature types of Asathok. So try to pick different creature types/elements if possible.
Note: Evil Duelists start with thier knights.
Note: Even if your a hero make sure to submit your knight because you will get it eventually.
Note: The Evil Villains do not have to start out Evil.
Note: Please fill out entire app

Accepted Apps
Grim the Wanderer
Sarah Winters

Yu-Gi-OH Curse of the Dragon God App

Character Name:


Character pic:

Character Descrption:

Character Personality:

Character Backstory:

Deck Name or Type:

Knight card name:

Knight card pic:

Knight level/rank ( rank only if knight is an xyz monster)

Knight Type and Attribute:

Knight Effect:

Knight Atk:

Knight Def:
Character Name: Norah
Age: 23
Character pic:
Character Personality: playful, confident, slightly arrogant.
Character Backstory: Naturally skilled at yu-gi-oh, she quickly became national champion and held the title for eight years strait. Though in the past couple years, she's been growing bored and has been seeking a challenge. In her free time she reads manga, and writes stories.

Deck Name or Type: Cosmic Judgment
Knight card name: Cosmic Guardian - Alumina
Knight card pic:
Knight level: 8
Knight Type and Attribute: Fairy/synchro/effect/LIGHT
Knight Effect:
1 "Cosmic Guardian" Tuner + 1 or more LIGHT nonTuner monsters
When this card is Summoned, the attribute of all monsters currently on the field becomes LIGHT as long as those monsters are one the field or in the Graveyard. If your opponent controls a LIGHT monster; this card cannot be destroyed. This card gains 100 ATK for each LIGHT monster on the field or in the Graveyard. If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing Battle Damage to your opponent.
Knight Atk: 2000
Knight Def: 2000
Character Name: Sarah Winters


Character pic [Image:]

Character Personality: Serious, Silent, Sly

Character Backstory: Sarah began playing Yu-Gi-Oh when She was 5 and never quit playing. She works at one of the many Yu-Gi-Oh card shops and she owns 2 others. She is always looking for new dragon cards for her deck. Besides working at the card shop Sarah steals cards from people to sell on the down low.

Deck Name or Type: Immortal Dragons

Knight card name: Havoc, Summoner of Serpents

Knight level/rank ( rank only if knight is an xyz monster)

Knight Type and Attribute:Level 8,Dark, Warrior

Knight Effect: When this card is summoned, Add one Dragon-Type Monster from your deck to your hand, then summon one Dragon-Type Monster from your hand to the field. As long as Havoc, Summoner of Serpents remains face up on the field Dragon monsters you control are not destroyed by battle or card effects.

Knight Atk:2500

Knight Def:1800
Character Name: Toshie
Age: 16
Character pic:
Character Personality: Calm, shy, quiet, wise
Character Backstory: A bit of a loner, preferring to listen to music than interacting with people. One day she found a card and decided to build a deck. Though while never entering official Tournaments, she earned a reputation of never losing a single life point in her games.
Deck Name or Type: Mystical Mirror
We're Starting Now.

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