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We needith a new RP. Don't get me wrong, I love FoM, but SHA-mone.
Any ideas?
Uh.... Well there is a few. All of them are novel ideas but I am willing to use them for RPs as well. I have been thinking about one called Angels.
The characters have died and gone to heaven. Heaven is a city and it is populated my millions of angels. The characters are humans who have died, and now have appeared here. They all come from different points of time, and more appear daily. Depending on how the died they get powers.
Ex mauled to death by a Lion. Can turn into a lion
Lived as a crazy killer that uses knifes to kill people then got put to death? Can turn his body into knifes.
Electrocuted can control electricity
Most people get invincible armor after they die though
Interesting, what would be the plot though?
To survive the dead humans must drink the blood of the angels to survive. They can die normally in this world and come back to life, but if they don't drink the blood they will die and not come back to life.
Most angels can't see the dead besides the polices force call the Arch angels.
Don't want to reveal a lot, but they are trying to get equal rights, and several of them are trying to take down god because they blame them for their deaths.
So humans have to drink angel blood to not die?
Pretty much. I am for ideas better than blood though

Sorry I know that I am not explaining it well there is nothing to make and I haven't had breakfast and lunch.
:O No Breakfast?! It's te most importnat meal of the day! (Serving it up, Gary's way Tongue) Alright, going to enjoy NY, brbz.
Just watched that one on netflix xD
You are in NY? Awesome!
Please tell me you are going to be at the Colbert Report
I know that this is late, but

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