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Yu-Gi-Oh! Awakening Souls
A Yu-Gi-Oh fan fic I'm starting. I'll try to update every couple weeks or so. If you want cards you've made to appear in it, just let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Chapter 1
Azazel watches the duel. Urith draws her hand and says, “I’ll have you go first.” Her opponent grins and says, “Sure, but you’ll regret it.” He plays a card on his duel disk. “First I summon Vanguard, Kylos(1900/1400) in attack mode. Now I can Special Summon Rearguard, Ruina (1200/2100) from my hand by paying 1000 life points. Now that I have both Kylos and Ruina both their ATK and DEF increase by 300. I set two cards and end my turn.”

Urith smirks and says, “Is that all? Well my turn draw.” She looks at her card and adds it to her hand. “First I activate the spell card Ignite to special summon Pyro Sphere(0/0) from my hand and activate Inferno Reckless Summon so that I can special summon my other two Pyro Spheres from my deck.” Her opponent says, “Unfortunately I only have one of each of my monsters so I can’t special summon anything.” Urith nods and says, “I set two card and end my turn, now my Pyro Spheres’ effects activate allowing me to give them to you, but be careful at the end of your turn they explode and deal 1000 damage each to you.”

Her opponent draws and says, “No problem I can just tribute them.” Urith says, “Not after I activate my face-down Mask of Restrict, now monsters can’t be tributed.” Her opponent says nervously, “Well I’ll just have to finish you this turn than. I activate my face down Reinforcements giving Kylos 500 ATK.” Urith says, “In response I activate Threatening Roar, so you can’t attack this turn. Anything else?” Her opponent looks down and slowly shakes his head as he says, “No, I end my turn.” The three Pyro Spheres explode and his life points drop to zero.

The announcer says, “and We have a winner” the audeance cheers as the duel ends. “With an impressive victory, Urith Arrats wins the prize of $100.” Urith is given the prize money, and walks off the stage.

Azazel meets her at the exit and says, “Nice duel, as always.” Urith nods and says, “It wasn’t much. I was hoping to meet you in the finales.”

Azazel scratches his head and says, “Sorry, I lost first round like I usually do.”

Urith sighs and says, “Maybe you should improve your deck.”

Azazel says, “Well I would, but it costs so much to make a decent deck, and I can’t seem to get enough money.” Azazel eyes the envelope of prize money.

Urith tucks the envelope in her jacket and says, “No, you aren’t getting any, you already owe me more than you make in a year.”

Azazel sighs and says, “I know, and I swear I’ll pay you back someday.”

Urith replies, “and that someday seems to keep getting farther and farther away. Anyway it’s getting late, lets head home.”

Azazel nods and says, “Yeah.”

As they walk the sun goes down and night falls. A man steps out of the alley in front of them. He’s cloaked and his face is hard to see in the light. “ah, the young lady who won the tournament earlier today.” he says is hoarse voice. “Yes, I sense a strong soul, would you care to duel?”

Urith says, “and why should I accept your challenge?”

The man laughs, and says, “oh, I think you’ll find you don’t have much of a choice.” Suddenly a cord latches to Urith’s arm. Azazel pulls out his knife and tries to cut the cord, but it won’t cut. The man says, “Don’t worry, I’ll realese you after our duel.” Urith looks at Azazel who shrugs and looks at the man. Urith sighs, “Fine let’s get this over with.” as she readies her duel disk.

The man readies his duel disk and says, “I’ll let you have the first turn.” Urith draws her card and says, “I summon Lava Totem(0/1200), and set two cards. Turn end, and now you gain control of Lava Totem.” the man says, “Why thank you for the monster. My turn, draw.” Urith says, “Now Lava totem deals 300 damage to you.” Lava Totem blasts the man, as his life points drop.

“Well that wasn’t nice.” He says.

“I’m not trying to be nice.” Urith shouts back.

“Well I think I’ll discard Dark General Freed to special summon Dark Grepher(1700/1600) from my hand. Now I activate Dark Grepher’s effect by sending Armageddon Knight from my hand to the Graveyard, I can send Dark Valkyria from my deck to the graveyard. Now that I have exactly three Dark monsters in my graveyard, I can special summon Dark Armed Dragon(2800/1000) from my hand.”

Azazel is watching the duel and says, “Uh-oh, this is very bad”

The man says, “Now with dark Armed’s effect I can destroy 1 card by banishing 1 dark monster from my graveyard. So I’ll banish Dark General Freed and Armageddon Knight to destroy your two face downs.” Dark Armed Dragon sends dark blasts at the card and they are destroyed, revealing them to be Magical Cylinder and Negate Attack.

“Now that you have no defense, I’ll have both my monsters attack you directly.” The monsters attack Urith, and she is sent flying as the cord snaps. Azazel runs over to her, and shouts, “Uri!” She doesn’t respond and seems to be injured.

“Hmm, that’s odd, I could have sworn I sensed a powerful soul.”

Azazel looks at the man, who is walking towards him.

“It couldn’t possibly be you. I mean you were easily defeated in the first round.”

Azazel thinks, I can’t beat him. He beat Uri with ease, how could I stand a chance against him.

Azazel hears a voice say, Don’t worry, you have the power to win.

The man says, “Well, I’d challenge you, but it seems her disk was damage from my last attack.”

Azazel stands and faces them man, and strange glow seems to surround him. “Don’t worry,” he says, his voice full of confidence, “I don’t need a duel disk.” a hand of cards materializes in his left hand.

“Huh, this is new.” The man says as he readies his disk.

“I’ll take the first turn,” Azazel says as a card appears in his hand. He looks at his cards and think This isn’t my deck, but I recognize these cards…but from where…

He pulls a card from his hand and says, “I summon Demonic - Collector of Greed(0/0).” The card disintegrates into fragments of light which then form the monster. “Next I’ll set two cards.” the cards float in front of him as if her were using a duel disk. “That’ll be all for my turn. Go.”

The man draws his card and says, “I don’t know where you got this power, but I won’t be beaten so easily. I discard Dark Parshath to Special Summon Dark Grapher from my hand. Next I discard Dark Crusader to send Necro Guardna from my deck to the graveyard. Now I special summon Dark Armed Dragon from my hand and then I banish Dark Crusader to activate Dark Armed’s effect.”

Azazel smirks and says, “I’ll say no to that, by discard Angelic - Herald of Guidance and Demonic - Feeder of Gluttony, I’ll negate Dark Armed Dragon’s effect and destroy it.”

The man grits his teeth and says, “Very well, Dark Grepher attacks Collector of Greed.”

Azazel replies, “Well I activate Greed’s effect, by banishing it I draw a card and end you battle phase.”

The man sighs, “you really like making things difficult. I set a card and end my turn.”

Azazel says, at the end of your turn, I activate Fortune’s Melody, by sending the top five cards of my deck to the graveyard, I draw two cards.” azazel looks at his hand and says, “Now, Final Turn, Draw.” another card appears in his hand. “I banish Demonic -Feeder of Gluttony and Demonic - Sloth’s Ambition from my Graveyard to special summon Angelic - Light of Rebirth(2400/1500). Now Gluttony’s effect activates since it was banished allowing me to draw a card. Now I tribute Light of Rebirth to Summon Angelic - Noble Knight, which when summoned it deals 300 damage to you for each banished Demonic monster while I gain 400 for each banished Angelic, unfortunately there aren’t any banished Angelics but I count three Demonics so you take 900 damage.” Noble Knight’s sword glows and she strikes him with a blast of energy.

The man says, “I’ll activate divine wrath, by discarding a card I’ll stop you monster’s effect and destroy it.”

Azazel responds, “I see you have a few tricks, but it’s pointless. I activate Time’s Melody, by banishing five cards from my graveyard and then sending the top five cards of my deck to the graveyard I can negate divine wrath.” Divine wrath fades and noble knights strike hit’s the man knocking him back a little.

“Now I’ll banish Demonic - Blade of Wrath and another Demonic - Feeder of Gluttony from my hand to special summon Light of Rebirth from my graveyard. Now Wrath’s and Gluttony’s effects activate, wrath inflict 700 damage and as you know gluttony lets me draw a card. Now since I control a level 7 or higher Angelic monster I can tribute Noble Knight to special summon Demonic - Pride’s Hunter(2700/1500) form my hand, but since he was special summoned his ATK drops by 500. Now I could attack you, with prides ability he can attack twice, and it would be enough damage, but you have some trick up your sleaves, so instead I banish Pride and Rebirth to fusion summon Celestial - Angel of Judgment.” the two monster become spheres of energy and merge together to form Angel of Judgment. “Now her effect goes off, and she sends all cards on the field except herself, to the graveyard.” Angel of Judgment raises her hands to the sky and blast of energy destroy all other cards on the field. “Then she let me special summon 1 monster from the graveyard, and I choose Angelic - Noble Knight. Which triggers noble knights effect, and with nine Demonics banished, will deal 2700 to you.”

The man drops his cards and stutters, “W-what?! B-b-but- you-”

Noble Knight raises her sword as it gatherers energy, and Azazel says, “And that’s the end for you.” Noble Knight swings her sword down sending a wave of energy that engulfs the man.

Azazel turns back to Urith and says, “Now I need to get you some help.” He picks her p and begins to carry her to the nearest hospital.

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