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Poll: Did these directions help you understand how to RP?
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Yes! The instructions were completely clear and easy to understand, and I have a tight grip on how to RP and what it is.
1 50.00%
Mostly. These directions were good; I got a good understandinhg on how RP basically works, but I still don't understand some parts and am still missing a bit of info.
1 50.00%
Sort of, but not really. It was rather hard to understnad the instructions and they really need to be written out more clearly and have more info.
0 0%
No. The directions made no sense, and din't help me at all with understanding how to RP.
0 0%
Total 2 vote(s) 100%
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How to RP (Not rules, but Directions)
Well, MusicLover kindly suggested that I post directions on how to RP (bless her music lovin' soul =W=) So, here they are. It isn't a complete set of directions, but it's enough that you should get the hang of just by reading. Soo... read. Tongue
(These are the directions I made to help MusicLover Smile )
(((Don't forget to vote! <3 )))

Well, I think I'll just explain it from the basics, yes?

So, RP stands for RolePlay. It's when you get to pretend to be someone you aren't.

The basics on this site is when someone comes up with an RP topic or plot. It can be basically about anything; romance, life, or man eating vampire vegetables. XD So, after they come up with the plot idea, they'd give the RP a name. Applications are mandatory in RPs unless the characters are already made up and people can claim them, which I've never really heard of happening, so don't expect RPs like that. The applications are usually centered around the plot so they make sense, like this:

Man-eating Vamp-Veggie Application:

Name: (Always mandatory! a name is practically the most important thing about an app) Mr. VeggieVamp

Age: (This section is commonly seen in many RPs) 27

Personality: (This section isn't usually as common, but it is seen a lot) Aggressive, bloodthirsty, gets excited easily.

Biography: (otherwise known as 'Bio'. Basically a description of your made-up character's life so far. Not too common in applications. Usually they're rather short, but people expect them to be detailed) His man-eating veggie-vamp grandparents died when he was 10. His mother was murdered when Mr. VeggieVamp was 18.

Profile: (Also known as 'Looks', 'Picture' and 'Description'. This section is to express what your character looks like; it is almost always mandatory in every RP. You can write it out, or post a picture or drawing of your character, but the preferences of each RP owner might be different, he/she could want you to write it out only, or show a pic only. It all depends. Like for this example, I'm writing it out so I don't have to draw a vampire carrot ^.^) Carrot. His fangs are always showing. His green leaf hair sticks straight up. Has no arms or hands. Always has a crazy expression on his face.

*Anything*: (The anything section really could be anything! As quoted earlier, most Apps are centered in the plot of the RP, so people could have extra sections, like 'Gun', 'Race', 'Angel or Demon', and just about anything else. It's pretty much up to the RP owner on what other sections he/she wishes to add.)

So, that pretty much covers up applications. They are the most important part of the RP, after all. Next to the plot.

So, if your app is accepted, then the RP owner would usually tell you on the thread. When he says apps are closed and the RP starts, then just start RPing! Just make sure you follow the plot and what's happening IC, otherwise things could get bad.

IC means In Character. It means, that, well, you're playing your character. Tongue

OOC means you're out of character. It means you're not talking as your character anymore and you're talking as your normal real life person. People usually talk OOC in RPs like this:

OOC: Dewd I've gotta get pizza, I'll brb after this post.

IC: Mr. VeggieVamp bit down on Mariya's neck, leaving her screaming about weirdo carrots and why and how they can even be vampires.
"How?!" she yelled. "HOW!?!?"

So, yeah.

**If you feel like anything should be added to help the reader give a better feeling of how to RP, post it on this thread, especially since this isn't a complete set of directions =W=**
TY for readin'.
I think you spelled dude wrong in the ooc ^_^

Rule number dos: Always make sure things are spelled right and your grammer makes sense Big Grin This makes it so everyone has at least something to work off. For example don't do this:

Ic: Dood, smone set us up da bom.

And if you can't tell that this is all a joke and that I no longer have any authority here, you obviosly have no sense of humor ;D
D: I spelled Dewd like that on purpose.
Well okay then.
SPAM! Wait what? Uh I mean... I put this in the app thing.
Awesooome. XD TY, Jer.

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